Friday, 13 October 2017

 14th & 15th October 2017
SATURDAY         14th October
6.30     Mary Teresa Mattimoe (Anniversary)

SUNDAY             15th October
10.30  Tara Hussey (Recently Deceased)
1.00    Paddy & Mary O'Sullivan (Anniversaries)
6.00    Malachy Keaveney (Anniversary)


MONDAY             16th October
9.30   Stephen Francis (Recently Deceased)

TUESDAY            17th October
9.30    John and Tom Beirne (Anniversaries)

WEDNESDAY       18th October
9.30   Eileen Bettles (Recently Deceased)
THURSDAY         19th October
9.30   M.S.C Intention
FRIDAY               20th October
9.30   Mark and Nora Convey (Anniversaries)

SATURDAY         21st October
6.30     Brenda Matthews (Get Well Intention)
SUNDAY             22nd October
10.30    Pat Greally (Recently Deceased)
1.00      Deceased Members of the O'Malley Family
6.00      M.S.C. Intention
If you would like a visit from the Priest,
   please contact the Parish
      Office with details on 091 762883.     




At every Mass you will notice that some members of the assembly have different jobs. We call these jobs ‘ministries’.    Let’s look at some more of them:

 THE COLLECTORS: The people who collect our gift of money during Mass.

 THE MINISTER OF THE EUCHARIST: The person who helps to give out communion at Mass. They sometimes bring communion to those who are unable to come to Mass because they are sick.

 MUSIC: Many parishes have choirs – groups of people who sing at Mass. Their singing helps the whole assembly to pray and we are all encouraged to join with the choir.   Some parishes may have people who lead the assembly in singing.   These are called cantors.


Extract 4— The Joy of Love—Pope Francis

“There is also a general feeling of powerlessness in the face of socio cultural realities that oftentimes end up crushing families...Families often feel

abandoned due to lack of interest and attention on the part of the institutions. The negative impact

on the social order is clear, as seen in the

demographic crisis, in the difficulty of raising

children, in a hesitancy to welcome new life, in a tendency to see older persons as a burden and in

an increase of emotional problems and outbreaks of violence. The state has the responsibility to pass laws and create work to ensure the future of young people and help them realise their plan of forming families”

                 Chapter 2 p.43


Cumann Siúl Cois Coiribe (Corribside Hillwalking Club),
a Hillwalking Club based in Galway City are having an
Open Meeting in the Menlo Park Hotel on Tuesday Night 17th October at 8pm. 
Enjoy walking the mountains of Connemara, Clare and Mayo. 
To find out more please come along…   All are welcome.


The Galway branch of Arthritis Ireland is organising a series of eight weekly aqua aerobics classes beginning on:
 Wed., 18th Oct., in the Galway Bay Hotel 6.30 each evening.
All welcome, spaces limited, priority given to those who suffer from arthritis.
Classes are grant aided and offered at a cost of 25.

Further details from 089 4355232.


A new Aware Perinata­l­­ & Self Care Suppo­rt­ ­Group
meets in u­nit­ 8­ Merlin Park f­rom ­7.3­0pm to 9pm
every ­Wedn­esday.
Thi­s peer­ supp­ort grou­p is suitable­ for an­yone ex­perienc­ing l­ow mood ­
or anxiety w­hich sta­rted  duri­ng­ pregnanc­y or after­­ birth.
You do not need a diagnosis or a r­eferral.
No­ appointm­en­t necessa­ry & the­re i­s no cos­t invol­ved.

Friday, 6 October 2017

 7th & 8th  October 2017
SATURDAY         7th October
11.00   Nursing Home (M.S.C. Intention)
6.30     Paul Giblin (Recently Deceased)

SUNDAY             8th October
10.30  Francis Sheehy (Recently Deceased)
1.00    John O'Halloran (Anniversary)
6.00    Nicola Hehir (Anniversary)


MONDAY             9th October
9.30   M.S.C Intention

TUESDAY            10th October
9.30    John, Stephen and Tommy Francis (Anniversaries)

WEDNESDAY       11th October
9.30   M.S.C Intention
THURSDAY         12th October
9.30   M.S.C Intention
FRIDAY               13th October
9.30   M.S.C Intention

SATURDAY         7th October
11.00   Nursing Home (M.S.C. Intention)
6.30     Mary Teresa Mattimoe (Anniversry)
SUNDAY             7th October
10.30    M.S.C Intention
1.00      Paddy and Mary O'Sullivan (Anniversaries)
6.00      Malachy Keaveney (Anniversary)


First Friday of every month
after the 9.30am Mass.      

            If you would like a visit from the Priest,
            please contact the Parish
           Office with details on 091 762883.     




At every Mass you will notice that some members of the assembly have different jobs. We call these jobs ‘ministries’. Let’s look at some of them:

THE PRIEST: At Mass the priest leads us and encourages us to play our part in the celebration. How does he do this? He:

ä Leads us in prayer

ä Invites us to listen to God’s word

ä Helps us understand & make sense of the Word of God in our daily lives through his homily

ä Takes our gifts, the bread and wine, offers them to God and prays that by the power of the Holy Spirit they will become the body and blood of Jesus Christ.

THE SERVERS: Servers are normally boys and girls who have received their First Communion. Their job is to help the priest during Mass. They can carry books, bring water and wine, wash the priest’s hands and ring bells.

MINISTER OF THE WORD: Even though we sometimes call this person the reader, the proper name is ‘Minister of the Word’. The readings of Mass come from the Bible. They are the Word of God and so we can say that we hear God speaking to us through the voice of the Minister of the Word.


Extract 3

The Joy of Love - Pope Francis

The weakening of faith and religious practice in some societies has an effect on families, leaving them more isolated amid their difficulties. The Synod     Fathers noted that “one symptom of great poverty of contemporary culture is loneliness, arising from the absence of God in a person’s life and the fragility of relationships”

Chapter 2 p.43


CHURCH HEATING - Members of the Parish Finance Council will hold a Second Collection at all Masses this weekend - 7th/8th Oct.


Galway Diocesan Apostolic Mission Work Association Annual Exhibition of work for the Missions
Sunday 22 October, 10am-5pm
Salerno Secondary School,
Threadneedle Road, Salthill, Galway.


Friday, 8 September 2017

 9th & 10th September 2017
SATURDAY         9th September
11.00   Nursing Home (M.S.C. Intention
6.30     M.S.C Intention

SUNDAY             10th September
10.30  Paul Giblin (Recently Deceased)
1.00    Kitty O'Shea (Recently Deceased)
6.00    Mary Fahy (6th Anniversary)

           M.S.C Intention

MONDAY             11th September
9.30   M.S.C Intention

TUESDAY            12th September
9.30    M.S.C Intention

WEDNESDAY       13th September
9.30   M.S.C Intention
THURSDAY         14th September
9.30   M.S.C Intention
FRIDAY               15th September
9.30   M.S.C Intention

SATURDAY         16th September
11.00   Nursing Home (M.S.C. Intention)
6.30     Paul Giblin (Recently Deceased)
SUNDAY             17th September
10.30    M.S.C Intention
1.00      M.S.C Intention
6.00      M.S.C Intention


First Friday of every month
after the 9.30am Mass.      

            If you would like a visit from the Priest,
            please contact the Parish
           Office with details on 091 762883.     



RADIO MARIA IRELAND is an Irish-run Catholic Talk-Radio Station. Established since May 2015 with the aid of the World Family of Radio Maria, our modern studio is situated at the Red Cow Roundabout, Dublin.  We have already  surpassed 6,000 monthly listeners in Ireland and around the world. Our mission is to help spread the Gospel message of Joy, Hope and Charity with a mixture of Prayer, Catechesis, Uplifting music, Talks, Interviews and Testimonies – all commercial free.

We broadcast 24/7. You might particularly like to join us for live Morning Prayer at 9.15am followed by daily 10am Holy Mass. 11am Catechesis - with  Fr. Eamonn McCarthy our full-time Priest Director - Angelus and Midday Prayer. Live Evening Prayer at 5pm is followed by News and the Rosary prayed from the studio at 5.30pm. We are part of a World Family of almost 80 such Catholic radio   stations working to help communicate the Good News of Jesus Christ and His Church.

RADIO MARIA IRELAND is available to download FREE by App “RADIO MARIA WORLD FAMILY”  on mobile devices, FREE streaming on by clicking “LISTEN LIVE” .


PLANT/Pernet CLG (Pernet Lay Associates Networking Together) are offering a parenting course. 

The course, Family – The Creative   Container, will be given by Ann Marie Collins, an art therapist who has worked with families in Galway for over 30 years. 
The course will be held in Westside Resource Centre on Tuesday evenings beginning 12 September, for 7 weeks.    Contact Imelda 086 6098887 or Mary 086 3836567.  Places are limited.



Free Public Talk on Type 1 Diabetes with the experts in Croi House, Heart & Stroke Centre, Galway on Tuesday September 19th at 6.30pm until 9pm.

Call 091 544310 to register your place.