The Church is the focal point of this vision of Parish -the place around which the Community gathers for all the key events of life. There we gather to be nurtured and nourished as one people of God.

Our new Parish of the Resurrection was launched in 1987, Fr. Ralph Lawless O.F.M who was appointed as Parish Priest. In 2005 an additional room was added over the sacristy for parish use. The "Upper Room" as it is now known was blessed by Bishop James McLoughlin D.D. (R.I.P.).
In times past the major responsibility for Church and Parish fell to the Priest. Since Vatican II this has changed and laity are seen as having responsibility for Church by virtue of their Baptism.

Today the Parish of the Resurrection continues to grow under the leadership of Fr. Kevin Blade M.S.C. with its population having increased from 3,500 living in 1,100 houses in the mid 1980's to 5,000 people in 1,900 dwellings today.  

The growth of this area in the 1970's called for a new parish in order to facilitate a sense of community. Up to that point this area fell under the Castlegar boundary. Our first Parish Priest was Fr. Paddy Toher (RIP 1998) who ministered to a Parish without a Church, School or Presbytery. He was replaced in 1982 by Fr. Sean Foy (RIP 2003) who did trojan work in building up the Parish and oversaw the building of the Church which was opened in 1984 - the Church of the Resurrection - Our Church.
The initial gathering place of community was 74 Tirellan Heights, the present St. Mary's Hall. The Franciscan Missionaries of Mary had great input into the beginnings of the Parish, and are still actively involved today.

MISSION STATEMENT: We the Parish of the Resurrection, Ballinfoyle consisting of Lay People, Religious and Priests, strive together to build our parish into a vibrant Christian Community reflecting the gospel values of Love, Justice and Peace.

Fr Gerry Thornton MSC P.P.

Fr Gus O'Brien MSC
Fr Seán Laffan MSC

Fr John Finn

Fr. Tadhg Quinn

Other Priests - No Photographs available.

Fr. Ralph Lawless
Fr. Eamonn O'Donoghue
Fr. Tommy Marren
Fr. Paddy Toher

Fr. Sean Foy