Holy Communion

Communion Date in Church of the Resurrection for 2017
Saturday the 20th May at 11.00am

First Confession - Thursday, 23rd March at 10.00am

"Do This In Memory" Holy Communion Programme for Parents

The need for parish-based pre-sacramental resources for use with parents, guardians and their children has long been acknowledged in Ireland. It is essential to offer parents/guardians, children and the parish community the opportunity to prepare together for First Eucharist. We have learned that there is a tremendous amount of goodwill and enthusiasm among parents/guardians, priests and parish teams for such work. 

There have also been positive reactions from teachers who found that it was easier for them to teach the Alive-O Primary Religious Education Programme because of the children's familiarity with the church and the celebration of the Eucharist. The Sunday community has benefited from the infusion of life and energy which the children bring. 

As we offer, we hope that the three partners of home, school and parish will work together to ensure that all are encouraged and challenged to be more actively involved in the sacramental preparation process.