Friday, 21 October 2016

22nd & 23rd October  2016

SATURDAY            22nd October

11.00    M.S.C. Intention (Nursing Home)
6.30      Paddy & Mary O'Sullivan (Anniversaries)

SUNDAY                23rd October

10.30  Danny Ferry (Anniversary)
1.00    Patrick & Bridie McGrath (Anniversaries)
6.00    Special Intention
MONDAY              24th October

9.30     Darragh Frain (Recently Deceased)

TUESDAY            25th October

9.30    John |& Tom Beirne (Anniversaries)
WEDNESDAY       26th October

9.30    Agnes Dines (Recently Deceased)
THURSDAY        27th October 

9.30     M.S.C. Intention

FRIDAY              28th October

 9.30   Mark & Nora Convey (Anniversaries)
            Deceased Members of Convey & Devine Families
            M.S.C. Intention
SATURDAY        29th October

11.00    M.S.C. Intention (Nursing Home)
6.30       Delia & Martin Forde & their Son Martin Forde (Anniversaries)

SUNDAY            30th October 

10.30     Jim & Kathleen Clarke (Anniversaries)
1.00       Matt Reilly (Birthday Remembrance)
6.00       Johnny Maloney (Anniversary)
              M.S.C. Intention


First Friday of every month
after the 9.30am Mass                        

(Holy Day of Obligation)
Feast of All Saints
                          Tuesday,1st November
    Mass Times: 
                              Mon:  Vigil Mass  7.30pm
                              Tue:  9.30am, 1.10pm & 7.30pm




For the Month of November in Memory of our Loved One’s we will be placing names of our deceased on the Resurrection Cross. 
Labels will be available on the table in front of the cross, feel free to write the names of Loved One’s on the labels and place them in the basket provided.  
A designated person will place the labels on the Resurrection Cross (for health and safety reasons). 


Tridium of Masses

for the Tridium of Masses now available from the Church Shop and the Sacristy at a cost of 1 each.



Mass for Deceased Pioneers
Thursday, 17th, November,
7.30pm in the Upper Room.

Eucharistic Ministers
Updated Rota’s now available from the Sacristy.


Friday, 14 October 2016

15th & 16th October  2016

SATURDAY            15th October

11.00    M.S.C. Intention (Nursing Home)
6.30      Michael Beatty (Anniversary)
             M.S.C. Intention
SUNDAY                16th October

10.30  Winifred O'Brien (Recently Deceased)
           Mary & Mattie Connolly (Anniversaries)
1.00    Mary Teresa Mattimoe (Anniversary)

6.00    Nicola Hehir (Anniversary)
MONDAY              17th October

9.30     Eileen Mattimoe (Special Intention)

TUESDAY            18th October

9.30    Vincent Clarke (Recently Deceased)
WEDNESDAY       19th October

9.30    Members of Pioneer Association
THURSDAY        20th October 

9.30     June Finnegan (Special Intention)

FRIDAY              21st October

9.30     Nora Daly (Special Intention)
            M.S.C. Intention
SATURDAY        22nd October

11.00    M.S.C. Intention (Nursing Home)
6.30       Paddy & Mary O'Sullivan (Anniversaries)

SUNDAY            23rd October 

10.30    Danny Ferry (Anniversary)
1.00      Patrick & Bridie McGrath (Anniversaries)
6.00      Special Intention


First Friday of every month
after the 9.30am Mass 



31st October to the 8th November
Our Novena commences on Monday the 31st October with 7.30pm Mass and continues daily until the 8th of November.

Mon. 31st - Vigil Mass: 7.30pm for All Saints Day.

Tue.1st - Feast of All Saints   Masses:   9.30am/1.10pm/7.30pm

Wed. 2nd - Feast of All Souls
Masses:   9.30am & 7.30pm.
Remembering all those that have died and blessing of candles that can be placed on the graves of Loved Ones.

Thru 3rd - Mass: 9.30am
Praying for all parents who have died.

Fri. 4th - Mass:  9.30am  
Praying for all  grandparents, spouses, sons & daughters who have died.

Sat. 5th - Mass of the Holy Angles    
Mass:  11a.m

Sun.6th - Mass: 10.30am
Commemorating  all who died in the 1916 Rising for Ireland’s Freedom.

Mon. 7th - Mass: 9.30am
Praying for all who have died tragically and by suicide.

Tue. 8th - Conclusion of the Novena at the 6.00pm Mass

A big THANK YOU to the organisers of our Parish Social which was held on the 7th October and to all who supported the wonderful night. 
Thanks also to those who provided us with spot prizes and all who bought raffle tickets on the night. 
A Profit of 1,575 was made on the night, this was calculated as follows:
Ticket Sales 2,775:  Less Expenses:  Food 600, Entertainment 300, Spot Prizes & Wine 300


8th AMENDMENT - Sunday, 13th November at 11.30am., there will be a Pro-Life Presentation on the 8th Amendment in the Upper Room, followed by Questions & Answers. 
All are Welcome.


Towards Peace - Spiritual Support and Service for survivors of abuse by Catholic Church Personnel in Ireland.    
Una Allen will speak at all Masses in this Parish, weekend of the 19th & 20th November’16. 
Una will also be available to answer any question or queries after each Mass.


Open Day 2016
You are invited to join us for our
First Year Open Day
Galway Community College
Moneenageisha, Galway
DATE:  Thursday, 20th October 2016
TIME:  3.30pm to 4.15pm
Phone:  091 755464 or visit for further details

Friday, 7 October 2016

8th & 9th October  2016

SATURDAY            8th October
6.30    John Joe & Mary O'Sullivan (Anniversaries)
SUNDAY                9th October

10.30  Tommy Francis (Anniversary)
1.00    Michael Beatty (Anniversary)

           M.S.C. Intention
6.00    Malachy Keaveney (Anniversary) 
MONDAY              10th October

9.30     People of the Parish

TUESDAY            11th October

9.30    Tommy Francis (Anniversary)
WEDNESDAY       12th October

9.30    Special Intention 
THURSDAY        13th October 

9.30     Tony Keane (Recently Deceased)

FRIDAY              14th October

9.30     Hubert Blaney (Recently Deceased)
            M.S.C. Intention
SATURDAY        15th October

11.00    M.S.C. Intention (Nursing Home)
6.30       Michael Beatty (Anniversary)
             M.S.C. Intention

SUNDAY            16th October 

10.30    Winifred O'Brien (Recently Deceased)
1.00      Mary Teresa Mattimoe (Anniversary)
6.00      Nicola Hehir (Anniversary)


First Friday of every month
after the 9.30am Mass 


BOOK OF REMEMBRANCE  - If you wish to enter the name of a Loved One in our Book Of Remembrance, contact the Sacristy or Parish Office on 091 762883.  
Those entered into the Remembrance Book will be remembered and prayed for on their Anniversary each year.  Cost of inserting the name of a Loved One is 10.00 per entry.


Recovering from & Living with Stroke

Croi in collaboration with the specialist stroke team at Galway University Hospital are hosting a FREE Public Talk on ‘Recovering from & Living with Stroke’. 
This event will take place in the Croi Heart & Stroke Centre, Newcastle, Galway, Oct. 20th, 7pm - 8.30pm and will be of particular interest to stroke survivors, their families and carers.