Friday, 20 January 2017

Third Sunday in Ordinary Time/A

SATURDAY           21st January
11.00    Nursing Home (M.S.C. Intention)
6.30      Patsy & Evelyn McPeake (Anniversaries)

SUNDAY               22nd January

10.30  Tom Collins (Anniversary)
1.00    John Patton (Anniversary)
6.00    Olive Hogan (Anniversary)
            M.S.C. Intention

MONDAY             23rd January
9.30   Kathleen McGrath (Recently Deceased)

TUESDAY            24th January
9.30    Winnie Corcoran (Recently Deceased)

WEDNESDAY        25th January
9.30     Jimmy O'Donnell (Recently Deceased)

THURSDAY         26th January
9.30     John Flaherty (Anniversary)
            Martin McDonagh (Anniversary)

FRIDAY                27th January
9.30    John Comer (Recently Deceased)
            M.S.C. Intention

SATURDAY          28th January
11.00   Nursing Home (M.S.C. Intention)
6.30      Sean Flynn (Anniversary)

SUNDAY               29th January
10.30   Thomas & Peg Roache (Anniversary)
1.00     Vincent Hopkins (Anniversary)
6.00     Brian Sweeney (Recently Deceased)



First Friday of every month
after the 9.30am Mass.      

            If you would like a visit from the Priest,
            please contact the Parish
            Office with details on 091 762883.             





    Monday, 27th March, 11am




Saturday, 20th May,11am


Enrolment Mass for Children from this Parish making their Confirmation in 2017
Sunday the 29th January at 10.30am.


Scoil San Phroinsias, Tirellan National School, is taking enrolments for September 2017.

If you are interested in enrolling your child in the school,  please call to the Secretary at the school for a form.


St Bridget - Celebrating our Celtic Christian Heritage and the making of St. Bridget’s Crosses in Croi Nua Centre, Taylors Hill, Galway. 
An ecumenical day with Gary Hastings and Charles Sweeney M.S.C. 

Sunday January 29th 
7.30pm to 9.30pm


PUBLIC CONSULTATION regarding proposed rework of the Menlo Park (Kirwan) Roundabout Wed. 25th Jan, from 3 to 8pm,in Ballinfoyle/Castlegar Community Centre.

Local Residents Associations are calling on all concerned residents to attend at 7pm when councillors are also invited to attend, to ensure that our interests are fully taken into account.



Notice re Roundabout information: A public consultation will take place Wednesday,  25th January from 3 to 8pm in the Ballinfoile/Castlegar community centre on the city council’s fresh attempt to revamp the Menlo Park roundabout. 
City officials and engineers have come up with 6 options to convert the 5 arm roundabout into a traffic lights controlled junction.
The estimated cost is 1.2 million euro and the aim is to have the scheme completed within 2 years.


Exercise4Health a Croi, Kingfisher and NUI Galway collaboration is starting back on the 2nd Feb and takes place in the Kingfisher Fitness Club at NUI Galway from 1pm – 2pm every Thursday.  
This is a class for those who are new to exercise and those who see exercise as their medicine to engage in a meaningful, evidence based fitness programme. 


Friday, 13 January 2017

2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time
World Day of Migrants & Refuges

SATURDAY           14th January
11.00    Nursing Home (M.S.C. Intention)
6.30      Thomas Flaherty (Anniversary)

"Whoever receives one such child in my name
receives me; and whoever receives me,
receives not me but him who sent me"
SUNDAY               15th January

10.30  Peg & Tom Roache (Anniversaries)
1.00    Siobhan Mathews (Special Intention)
6.00    Special Intention

MONDAY             16th January
9.30   Stagg Family (Special Intention)

TUESDAY            17th January
9.30    Winnie Ferry (Recently Deceased)

WEDNESDAY        18th January
9.30     Jack & Emily O'Toole (Anniversaries)

THURSDAY         19th January
9.30     Mary O'Gorman (Recently Deceased)

FRIDAY                20th January
9.30     Brian & Mary Harte (Anniversaries)
            M.S.C. Intention

SATURDAY          21st January
11.00   Nursing Home (M.S.C. Intention)
6.30      Patsy & Evelyn McPeake (Anniversaries)

SUNDAY               22nd January
10.30   Tom Collins (Anniversary)
1.00     John Patton (Anniversary)
6.00     Olive Hogan (Anniversary)
            M.S.C. Intention



First Friday of every month
after the 9.30am Mass.      

            If you would like a visit from the Priest,
            please contact the Parish
            Office with details on 091 762883.             

All are welcome to enter the name of a Loved One in our Book Of Remembrance. 
It is not necessary to be from the parish or for the bereavement to be recent. 

Those entered will be remembered and prayed for on their anniversary each year. 
Cost 10 per name.

Contact: 762883 or call to the Parish Office for further information.


 Solemn Novena to Our Lady of Perpetual Help takes place
Monday the 13th February to Tuesday the 21st at Galway Cathedral.


Pro-Life Campaign

Galway for Life, the local branch of the Pro-Life Campaign will be holding a public information meeting on Monday, 23rd January in Suaimhneas, Clarinbridge Church Hall at 8pm. 
The aim of the meeting is to inform people about the current situation as regards the Eight Amendment - Irelands’ ‘Right to Life’ amendment and to encourage more people to become informed and get involved to defend it as it is a true milestone for equality & authentic human rights. 
For more information visit: or tel: (01) 6629275


Irish Dancing

Irish Dancing Classes with Anne Cameron for children 4 - 13 years will recommence at St. Mary’s Hall, Tirellan Heights next Wednesday evening, 18th January at 5.15pm and continue every Wednesday evening at 5.15pm.  Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced dancers are all welcome.


Friday, 6 January 2017

Baptism of the Lord /A
8th January 2017

SATURDAY           7th January
11.00    Nursing Home (M.S.C. Intention)
6.30      Nicola McDonagh (Anniversary)
Baptism of the Lord
SUNDAY                8th January

10.30  John Joe & Mary O'Sullivan(Anniv's)
           Sarah Needham (Anniversary)
1.00    Tom Madden (Anniversary)
6.00    Thomas Flaherty (Anniversary)

MONDAY              9th January
9.30   Teresa O'Rourke (Recently Deceased)
 TUESDAY             10th January
9.30    Margaret Walsh (Recently Deceased)
WEDNESDAY        11th January
9.30     Mary Flaherty (Special Intention)
THURSDAY         12th January
9.30     Mary Hackett (Special Intention)
FRIDAY                13thJanuary
9.30     Maura Kelly (Special Intention)
            M.S.C. Intention

SATURDAY          14th January
11.00   Nursing Home (M.S.C. Intention)
6.30      Thomas Flaherty (Anniversary)

SUNDAY               15th January
10.30   Peg & Tom Roache (Anniversaries)
1.00     Siobhan Mathews (Special Intention)
6.00     Special Intention



First Friday of every month
after the 9.30am Mass.      

            If you would like a visit from the Priest,
            please contact the Parish
            Office with details on 091 762883.             

SCRIPTURE COURSE - commencing on the last Friday and Saturday of each month in the Upper Room.  Fridays at 7pm and all day on Saturday. 

The course will be given by Frances Hogan, a lay missionary and educator working in the Catholic Church since the late 60’s.  Frances has worked as a missionary in West Africa for some years and has taught in schools in Africa and Ireland.  From the mid-80’s she lectured in the Milltown Institute of Philosophy and Theology in Dublin and served four years on the Theological Commission of the Bishops.  She is also trained as a Spiritual Director and Retreat Giver.