Friday, 13 October 2017

 14th & 15th October 2017
SATURDAY         14th October
6.30     Mary Teresa Mattimoe (Anniversary)

SUNDAY             15th October
10.30  Tara Hussey (Recently Deceased)
1.00    Paddy & Mary O'Sullivan (Anniversaries)
6.00    Malachy Keaveney (Anniversary)


MONDAY             16th October
9.30   Stephen Francis (Recently Deceased)

TUESDAY            17th October
9.30    John and Tom Beirne (Anniversaries)

WEDNESDAY       18th October
9.30   Eileen Bettles (Recently Deceased)
THURSDAY         19th October
9.30   M.S.C Intention
FRIDAY               20th October
9.30   Mark and Nora Convey (Anniversaries)

SATURDAY         21st October
6.30     Brenda Matthews (Get Well Intention)
SUNDAY             22nd October
10.30    Pat Greally (Recently Deceased)
1.00      Deceased Members of the O'Malley Family
6.00      M.S.C. Intention
If you would like a visit from the Priest,
   please contact the Parish
      Office with details on 091 762883.