Friday, 18 August 2017

 19th & 20th  August 2017
SATURDAY         19th August
11.00   Nursing Home (M.S.C. Intention
6.30     Julia Fallon (Anniversary)

SUNDAY              20th August
10.30  Stephen Collins (Anniversary)
1.00    Noel Martin (Anniversary)
           Prima Bayawa (Anniversary)
6.00    Sean Conneely (Anniversary)
MONDAY             21st August
9.30   Martin Dooley (Recently Deceased)

TUESDAY            22nd August
9.30    Peggy Campbell (Thanksgiving)

WEDNESDAY       23rd August
9.30   Carmel Callinan (Recently Deceased)
THURSDAY         24th August
9.30   William Peters (Anniversary)
FRIDAY               25th August
9.30    Danny Boner (Recently Deceased)
           M.S.C. Intention

SATURDAY         26th August
11.00   Nursing Home (M.S.C. Intention)
6.30     Margaret Fahy (Anniversary)
            Jim Corbett (Anniversary)
SUNDAY             27th August
10.30    Molly Egan (Anniversary)
1.00      Jim & Mamie Fay (Anniversary)
             Alfredo Amit (Birthday Remembrance)
6.00      Paddy & Bridie McGrath (Anniversary)  


First Friday of every month
after the 9.30am Mass.      

            If you would like a visit from the Priest,
            please contact the Parish
           Office with details on 091 762883.